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Ministry Establishments

Baghdad Oil Training Institute (BOTI)1 Petroleum Research & Development Center (PRDC)1 Midland Refineries Company (MRC)1 Karkuk Oil Training Institute (KOTI)1

South Oil Company (SOC)1

Oil Products Distribution Company (OPDC)1

Midland Oil Company (MDOC)1

North Oil Company (NOC)1

Baiji Oil Training Institute (BaiOTI)1

Oil Pipelines Company (OPC)1

Iraqi Oil Tankers Company (IOTC)1

Heavy Engineering Equipment State Company (HEESCO)1

State Organization for Marketing of Oil (SOMO)1

North Refineries Company (NRC)1

North Gas Company (NGC)1

Oil Exploration Company (OEC)1

State Company of Oil Projects (SCOP)1

Maysan Oil Company (MOC)1

Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC)1 South Gas Company (SGC)1

Ministry Headquarter (MOO)1

Gas Filling Company (GFC)1 Basrah Oil Training Institute (BasOTI)1

South Refineries Company (SRC)1

Published on: 2012-12-11





Instructions & Legislations

International Oil Price

International oil price from


DUBAI   $96.21

BRENT   $97.73

WTI         $94.16

OMAN    $96.41

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